RivalEngine CMS

is a powerful system for creation and management of websites, e-shops or business applications. It was developed with regard to intuitive and easy use even for non-technical users. RivalEngine CMS is built on PHP and AJAX. The code was created by our company and we provide full support to ensure it's flawless functionality. RivalEngine open source CMS is a quality professional tool that you can always rely on. Could it help you in any way? Check out the system features to find out! Open Source CMS RivalEngine is for web designers and web developers framework.

Easy and strong

To make your work easy RivalEngine offers powerful tools wrapped in a well-arranged user-friendly enviroment.

Flexible and expandible

Customize the enviroment to your convenience, add modules, set and create new parameters. If you need something special, we'll be happy to tailor it precisely for you.

Traffic statistics

Included basic traffic statistics are handy to any type of bussiness. For more serious tasks there is an option of implementation of Google Analytics.

Automatic SEO

Built-in basic search engine optimization makes your website search engine friendly right in the process of construction. It is a great ground for full SEO later.

Language mutations

If the basic language set is not enough, all products come with the option to transform it to any language mutation by yourself.

Webhosting and support

For our products we provide quality hosting with high security standards and prompt troubleshooting. We'll keep it running and safe and you can focus on your business.


Do you need a quick and easy way to create and manage your website? To add articles, pictures, users, language mutations, to assign rights to actual users? Our CMS offers all the tools that make web development easier and more enjoyable.

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Are you thinking about starting an e-shop? And you want to have a good insight, and your products or services nicely organized and under control? Having an e-shop is not enough, it needs to be profitable! Follow our advice and we'll make it happen.

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Do you manage records of your employees or customers? Do you have a lot of tasks that you're unable to follow and control effectively? Would you like to manage all data your way? Our custom-made system is the solution...

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Do you manage a big business? Use RivalEngine framework to develop your web applications yourself!

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